Hello! I'm Nonceba Mothetho.

Most days you can find me on my laptop catching up on weddings I am planning for my wonderful clients, or soaking up inspiration for my latest floral designs.


I am mostly passionate about my family and my work.  When I am not busy with weddings, you can catch me on the couch with a glass of wine, seriously loving on my husband and two sweet little kids, or having a blast with my gorgeous sisters.

My background in Project Management and training in Floral Design have been instrumental in my ability to create awe inspiring weddings for my clients.


Want to find out more about me?

Here a few more random facts:


  1. I am a sucker for a good dose of inspiration.
  2. My sisters are my best friends and I am the middle child between them.
  3. Give me seafood and you have given me the best meal in the world!
  4. I am Xhosa but cannot speak it (I hope to take up lessons some day.)
  5. My Bachelor's Degree in Town and Regional Planning is happily gathering dust in a document case under my bed. (I think we are both happy about that!)

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